Nigel Richardson is a technical writer based in Austin, Texas, with over twenty years’ experience across a range of products, platforms, industries, countries. He’s written online help for remote management software for power stations, guides to setting up wedding lists on Pinterest — and most things in between. His goal is to create concise, jargon-free documentation, online help and web content tailored to its target audience, whether they are new users or seasoned developers. He is constantly looking for ways to make┬átechnical content engaging and relevant, to enthuse users, to keep customers from throwing in the towel or tying up the support desk.

He has written reference manuals, user guides, administration guides, installation and quick start guides, in-product help, knowledge base articles, training material, tutorials, video scripts, fact sheets, brochures, newsletters, and a few things that escape easy classification. His highest paid hourly gig to date was saying the numbers 0 – 10 in his most British accent for an automated telephone system.