Nigel E. Richardson
Austin, TX 78759


Seasoned technical writer and developer of multiple information delivery systems. I have tackled many challenges at a multitude of hardware and software enterprises, documenting projects from power stations to online shopping, storage monitoring to ATMs. I like to think I’ve moved beyond the traditional role of the technical writer as a passive explainer, seeing myself instead as an advocate for the user, and hoping never again to hear or say the words: “Why are we making it so difficult for our customers?”


Senior Technical Academy Specialist | SolarWinds LLC | October 2014 – February 2023

Sample online documentation | Sample PDF

Created and maintained administrator, installation, upgrade, getting started, and release documentation for SolarWinds Observability products (IP Address Manager, Security Events Manager, Storage Resource Monitor, Web Performance Monitor, and User Device Tracker) and Serv-U File Server.

Expert MadCap Flare creator, producing advanced online help (HTML5/CSS/JavaScript) and supporting PDF documentation.

Created and Managed an online Knowledge Base system using Salesforce.

Worked with Customer Success, Development, Support, and Sales Engineering teams to maintain all customer-facing solutions from overviews to bugfix notes.

Worked on several projects for modernizing the existing documentation library to prioritize task-based procedures, including EPPO (Every Page is Page One), and minimalism.

Recent non-writing projects included editing articles written by support staff, setting up Google Analytics dashboards, and redesigning documentation landing pages.

Freelance Technical Writer | Various | August 2012 – October 2014

Created online documentation, and API help, provided RoboHelp training and created user guides, quick-start guides, tutorial videos, and web-based support procedures for companies including HomeAway, Haas Group, SolarBridge, Avention, Brightleaf, and ZogoTech.

Self-Help Support Specialist | Volusion | February 2010 – June 2012

Initially brought in to turn developer-created field help text into customer-friendly, task-based online help.

Managed customer support web portal.

Managed customer knowledge base, and wrote articles, procedures, and user guides on all aspects of eCommerce, aimed particularly at first-time online sellers.

Worked with developers, marketing, social media team, QA, and support concierges to create in-product help, support documentation, video scripts, release notes, and newsletter content.

Technical Writer | Affinegy | January 2009 – May 2009

Created in-product help for home networking solutions using RoboHelp and Adobe Creative Suite.

Technical Writer | Coremetrics | October 2004 – January 2009

Designed and maintained online help and printed documentation for behavioral analytics and precision marketing SaaS platform.

Created training materials for developers and customers, operation procedures, and data migration policies.

Technical Writer/Director | NE Richardson Ltd (UK) | Jul 1997 – Dec 2002

Researched and wrote business procedures, online help, user guides, reference manuals, and training materials for computer hardware, software, networked systems, and Windows APIs. Created WebHelp, HTMLHelp, and WinHelp systems using RoboHelp and Framemaker. Trained and supported developers and non-technical staff to write similar documentation using RoboHELP, Microsoft Office, and other software tools. Managed my own limited company, working freelance or through agencies. Clients included: Child Support Agency, NCR, Homeowners Friendly Society, Smart PeopleTime, National Air Traffic Systems, GEC Alstom, and the Environment Agency.



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